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Cambodian Gold

Cambodian Gold has a golden cap and long stems. These mushrooms are medium to large in size. The effects of this mushroom are similar to those of Sativa. They produce a high that is uplifting and is great in social situations. The experience is spiritual, and many users describe the feeling as akin to a “Golden Teacher.” The fruiting period for this mushroom can vary from about one month to a few months.

The Cambodian Mushroom is one of the most potent types of mushroom available today. The total time from inoculation to harvest is 25 days. The plant grows well on many common substrates and growing methods but is the best product on dung or grain. The growth period of this type of mushroom is about five weeks. It prefers higher temperatures. This strain is also very hard to find in its original form. It is also rare and hard to come by.

Cambodian Gold Mushrooms strain

The Cambodian Gold is an F1 hybrid of the Golden Teacher and Cambodian varieties. It was created by a Dutch grow kit manufacturer who wanted to create an easy-to-grow mushroom that was potent. The Golden Teacher, as a grow kit, was very unreliable and had very low yields. A combination of careful selections and controlled mycelium growth allowed the producer to create the perfect hybrid. The product of this process is Cambodian Gold.

The growth of Cambodian gold is slow, but the fruit is stunning. The entire time from inoculation to harvest can be over 25 days. This fungus grows well on all common substrates and growing methods. While grain and dung are ideal for the production of larger mushrooms, the Cambodians are more likely to produce smaller fruits on dung. It prefers higher temperatures and can also be produced on other types of substrate.

Despite the low concentration of THC, this mushroom is a highly potent fungus. Its spores are incredibly fast-growing, making it a great choice for beginners and experienced mushroom-growing. This type of fungus can be grown on any substrate and is known to be the fastest-growing in nature. This strain is best suited for cultivating on a porous surface. It can grow on soil, moss, and wood.

The Cambodian gold mushroom is the most popular mushroom in Southeast Asia. It was discovered at the Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia by an expert in hallucinogenic mushrooms, John Allen. Despite the strong taste of Cambodian gold, it is not the most powerful. But it is the most stable of the three, making it a good choice for beginners. The spores of this kind can be harvested in a matter of weeks.

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