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Blue Meanie Mushroom

Blue Meanie Mushroom is an intoxicating hallucinogenic mushroom that has been used for over 50 years by the islanders of Bali. It has a reputation for inducing hallucinations and euphoria, as well as time distortion. Some people report visual and auditory hallucinations as well as intense connections with loved ones and the universe. If you are interested in trying this mystical fungus, then here is the best place.

Blue Meanies are tropical mushrooms that can be grown year-round in subtropical climates. The harvesting season varies depending on humidity, but the average Blue Meanie mushroom harvest is from late spring to early fall. They are not difficult to collect the spores from and may even be grown over an extended period of time. Although the mushroom is a favorite of the health-conscious, it can be risky for novices and those with poor health.

Blue Meanies Mushroom | Effects

Blue Meanies Mushroom can produce a psychedelic trip for up to 4 hours. Most users experience this effect within an hour of consumption. However, if you are a first-time user of a psychedelic, it may be better to stay away from this particular mushroom for a few days until you become familiar with it. If you do take it, be aware that you should only consume the recommended dosage and type. It is illegal to use this mushroom if you are pregnant or have a medical condition. It is also not advisable for people who are depressed, driving under the influence, or have psychotic tendencies.

The Blue Meanies Mushroom grows all over the United States and is commonly found on cow pies. The mushroom was likely introduced by livestock in the early 1800s and spread across the continent. It can be found in tropical and subtropical climates around the world and is also common in Mexico and South America. The benefits of the Blue Meanie are well worth the risk. So, where can you find these mushrooms? Get some and start experimenting with them.

The Blue Meanie Mushroom is native to the southeast of Australia and is quite rugged. The mushroom is capable of colonizing quickly in the wild. It has large fruiting bodies that repeat after being consumed. Its psilocybin content is high, which makes it extremely potent. The typical dose of blue meanie is around one gram. In fact, you can buy grams of the mushroom online and consume it as often as you want!


The Blue Meanie Mushrooms are one of the most potent and effective mushrooms for treating PTSD. The substance, psilocybin, stimulates receptors in the brain, which improves neuron connectivity. It is effective in rewiring the brain and overcoming trauma. Aside from being safer than mainstream antidepressants, this fungus has a wide range of effects. So, don’t hesitate to try this psychedelic mushroom from us.

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