“This was my first time ordering and I found it to be very professional. I was a little nervous about sending $ via email transfer but it worked beautifully and my product showed up a few days later as promised. It was an unmarked package so I didn’t need to worry about freaking out my kid or my postal worker when they saw the package- most appreciated. The Golden Teachers were high quality and very potent. I took 1/3 the dosage I recently took in Mexico just to check it out and I had a nice relaxing trip. I will double that dose if I want to Have more of an “experience”. I highly recommend and will continue to shop here”
“I am extremely impressed with the quality of the product and the speed of service. My last order was placed rather late in the evening and was processed within an hour. What’s even better? I got the shipping confirmation the next morning before 7am and received the package 2 days later. This is how you get returning customers. As for the product, it was well packaged and beyond what I expected in terms of quality. Clean, lots of different sizes, and no dry dust at the bottom. Will definitely be ordering again soon. Thank you!”
"I felt a little high the first time that I took a capsule, but nothing overwhelming. After the first time, it was much more tame. I've been taking them everyday and I notice that the first couple of hours, my mindset is very positive and I am motivated with energy. I've even taken 2 and still didn't have any "shroom high" effects. I just really wish the price was a little cheaper."
"This was my second time ordering this kind. They are still one of my favourites. The effects are very visual and my heart usually starts beating quite fast. These are great with friends, causing a good mixture of laughter and some connection and intuitive thinking. Alone, I was able to really connect deeply with myself. I highly recommend."


“This was my first experience buying magic mushroom products online, so I was skeptical. Especially when I could only pay with e-transfer. I found their website easy to use, efficient and am very happy with my products! They arrived quickly, and I liked that it was left in my locked mailbox – so I didn’t have to be home to receive it. Will definitely buy from them again.”


“By far the best online ordering dispensary! Wonderful selection, great products and great service. Magic Mushrooms Dispensary are extremely professional and excel at customer service. I have ordered a number of times and always been very happy. Shipping is great. Fantastic, I love these guys!”


“First time dealing with Magic Mushrooms Dispensary. I liked their website, variety of product AVAILABLE. Ordering was a simple smooth process, & delivery was very prompt. I would certainly recommend them.”