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Ecuadorian Mushrooms

Growing Ecuadorian mushrooms is relatively easy, and the process takes about seven weeks. You will be rewarded with 300 grams of fresh mushrooms after three weeks and several flushes. It is recommended that you take a half-dose before your first trip. After that, you can grow more of the mushroom if you like. Afterward, you can harvest it again, as the fungus grows quite slowly.

For a quick introduction, you can purchase a grow kit. To begin, simply add water to the kit, and place it in the fridge for 12 hours. When the growth is done, drain the water and place the grow box in a plastic bag. Spray water over the plant every other day. If you use a growing kit, you can avoid the process altogether. You can also buy organic or wild-harvested mushrooms.

Ecuador Mushrooms

The Ecuador mushrooms have a remarkably powerful effect, and their initial effects are often quite intense. This is why Shamans in the Andean region prefer them during rituals. With these magical plants, a person can enter a dreamlike state similar to the powerful tides at the seafront harbor. These are the reasons why they are so popular amongst mushroom connoisseurs. If you are interested in trying them for yourself, you can start a purchase from us.

If you are looking for a spiritual experience, you might want to try the cubensis. It has a smooth, creamy texture with no noticeable aftertaste. This variety of mushrooms is known for its incredibly high dose of anti-depressants. Its gills are closely packed and turn gray as the spores grow. The cap is round, and it is usually 12 cm thick.


The Ecuadorian Shrooms are best consumed after you have prepared your mind for the journey. For best results, you should take the recommended amount and make sure to take a break from work. The tri-colored variety is best taken when you have been prepared for a long time. It is best to take a full dose before heading out. Once you’ve mastered the correct dosage, you’ll be rewarded with a profound trip.

Ecuadorian Cubensis

The cubensis mushrooms are the most popular types of Ecuadorian mushrooms. They grow well in the country’s temperate rainforest. They can produce a high in many people, but it is not as strong as a body high. In general, you’ll experience a spiritual experience but lack a body high. The trip is mainly focused on the mind, but you may experience tough visuals during the process.

Despite their rough growing conditions, Ecuadorian Shrooms are highly nutritious and can thrive in even the most challenging growing environments. They are also highly resistant to pesticides and other chemicals, which makes them a great choice for novice mushroom growers. You can even get a grower’s manual for this type of mushroom. You can find more information on the Ecuadorian magic mushroom in our reviews. This fungus is very tasty and healthy.

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