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Arenal Volcano Magic Mushrooms, a.k.a. The Costa Rican Magic Mushrooms are Psilocybe Cubensis Costa Rica. They can be found in the foothills around the Arenal Volcano. These mushrooms thrive in the wild can grow to 1000-1200 feet above sea level. These sacred mushrooms are believed to have been used by local indigenous people for thousands of years. They have been found at the base of a highly active volcano 7000 years old.

Our staff reports that Arenal Volcano magic mushrooms provide a great balance of spiritual experience and warm visuals. You can expect warmth and feelings of interconnection and deep love. Light visuals are also possible. This strain can be enjoyed alone or with friends.

You will experience euphoria, excitement, and heightened mood after consuming Arenal Volcano mushroom mushrooms for between 10 and 30 minutes. You may experience mild or severe visual enhancements depending on your dosage. You may feel that things are breathing. The natural world around you will seem more alive. Introspective thinking will become easier. You will feel and look different when you listen to music and art. A 3-6 hour trip should be possible with the most common museum dose (0.5 to 1.5g) or moderate dose (2-3g).

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